An Exhibition Of Tapestry, 24th November 15th December 2018

Elaine Short's work has been shown in various exhibitions, including the regional and national exhibitions of the Association of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers at Avebury, Laycock, Devizes, Oxford, Bath, Kendall, York and Wells, and she is also had exhibitions in Bradford on Avon, Rye and Hastings Arts Forum. She now works and lives in Saint Leonards where her studio has a wide view of the sea from which she derives so much inspiration.

Elaine Short was born in Nice on the Côte d'Azur but has lived mainly in England.  She taught herself traditional hand-loom techniques, as this medium offers virtually unlimited possibilities.  Her designs range from pictorial landscapes and seascapes to abstract and decorative patterns derived from nature.  She has been particularly inspired by the landscape and seascapes of southern England, but believes that practically any subject or idea can be represented in woven art.