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DAVIS, STUART (1894-1964)

Package Deal Series 1956

Abstract gouache,painted on card and signed.


17.5 x 14.25 inches (approx. 36.2 x 44.5 cm)

American 20th Century Artist

One of America's leading abstract artists, born in Philladelphia Pennsylvania. His mother was a sculptor and his father an art editor of the Pensylvania Press. Inspired by the artistic enviroment at home, he left high school in 1909 to attend Robert Henri School of Art in New York until 1912. Davis responded to Roberts liberal and spontaneous approach as it permitted him to absorb the new styles that were emerging at the time.

For a few years whilst supporting himself as an illustrator for several magazines, he began experimenting with cubist abstraction. He introduced a new style of cubism to the United States. Drawing familiar objects, often abstracted from the urban scene. He would reduce them to flat, sharp-edged shapes and then arranged in broad colourful patterns and active lines that punctuate the composition.
Davis exhibited in the Armory Show in 1913. In 1917 he had his first exhibition in New York. His first solo exhibition was in 1925 at the Newark Museum. 
In 1927 his abstract style led to the production of the Egg Beater series. 

From 1928-29 Stuart Davies lived in Paris where he created many pictures of cafes and street scenes.  After his visit he introduced a new note to US Cubism, basing himself on its Synthetic rather than its Analytical phase.

Fleet galleries "The Yellow Cafe' " is a picture from this Paris period showing a flat poster approach to his Parisian townscape.

Though Davis had an active and successful career as an artist he continued teaching at New York's school for Social Research from 1940-1950 and at Yale University in 1951.

There have been over 60 solo exhibitions of work by Stuart Davis to date. A full list of work in Public collections can be found on Wikipedia or on art data bases.

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