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Still life 2002. 127 x 144.jpg


Still Life.

Acrylic on canvas.


127 x 144 cm (approx. 56.7 x 50 inches)

Contemporary Artist

Roland Jarvis had an English father and French mother and spent his early years in France until the age of 13.
He was given a Meccano set at the age of 7 and decided to become an engineer studying for a degree in electrical engineering at Kings’ College London. Following this he spent 2 years of military service in charge of the radar workshop at the Military College of Science in Shrivenham. After discharge he was employed in dismantling Wellington bombers on the racetrack in Weybridge and then worked as a research engineer for Morgan Carbon Ltd. in Battersea.

During a lunch break Roland crossed the Albert Bridge to Chelsea and decided at the age of 25 to become a painter. He studied painting at Guildford and Chelsea Schools of Art, spending the mornings working at a sawmill, where he was one of the few people on the site to still have a full complement of fingers. He then found work painting anatomical details on nude rubber dolls which were sold in London nightclubs, which he says was good practice for the afternoon life class.

On leaving Chelsea he was awarded a one year French Government Scholarship to study painting in Paris. After three enjoyable and
fruitful years he was told that he was no longer welcome as he was earning a living without a permit and would be escorted out of the country unless he left promptly.

Back in London Roland started teaching life drawing and printmaking at Watford and Camberwell Schools of Art and found a top floor studio in Notting Hill Gate where he was able to paint.Thirty years ago he moved to a church hall in Hastings where he currently works on painting and sculptures. In recent years has developed a form of unique animation videos.

For eighteen years Roland spent the winters designing and building astronomical clocks. Roland also taught life drawing at Brighton Polytechnic for many years.

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