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The Tree

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57 x 78 cm (approx. 30.7 x 22.4 inches)

Contemporary Artist

At the early age of 24 Sophie was spotted by the Royal Watercolour Society and invited to become an associate member. She also won her first large painting award “the Hunting Group Young Person’s Award” for her large canvass, this time in oil.

Since completing her postgraduate diploma at the Royal Academy of Art in 1989, Sophie has had numerous exhibitions in London and touring shows in Spain, the USA and Canada.

In 1999 she received a prestigious commission to paint six watercolours which are now housed permanently in the House of Lords. She was pleased to recently discover she also has a painting hung in the Prime Minister’s chamber. Sophie also worked on location inside the Palace of Westminster producing two large watercolours of its interior, now hung in the new parliamentary building. She has been collected by numerous private collectors and has work in the British Museum (The Royal Watercolour Society Archives), the TSB Bank (The City), and several corporate collections, including Pilkingtons and Freshfields Solicitors.