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Winter Landscape

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Gouache on card

36 x 26 cm (approx. 10.2 x 14.2 inches)

Danish expressionist painter

Born in Aalst Belgium as the son of the merchant. Refusing to work in the family business he travelled to Ghent to study at the Academy of fine Arts.

Even though he had a first exhibition in 1901 in Aalst, he struggled to live of his work

 The next year, he visited theExposition des primitifs flamands à Bruges, a huge influence on his work. In 1903, he exhibited his landscapes at theSalonin Paris, where he was influenced by the works of Émile-René Ménard. The same year he converted to Christianity, and from 1904-1905 on, he started working in an expressionisticsymbolism, a purified style, with mostly empty, silent, motionless landscapes, often in winter.

In 1914 he moved to Wales to flee theFirst World War. Together with his family and the family of his friend George Minne  remained there until 1920, when he moved toEtikhove, and in 1937 he again moved toLeupegem. In 1933, he became an honorary citizen of the city of Aalst.
De Saedeleer married Clementine Limpens on 14 November 1889.They had five daughters, of which the second, Elisabeth de Saedeleer also became an artist.