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23 Structure in Circle 3.Woodcut 12 x 12 ins [ 23 ]1977 (1643x1669).jpg


Structure in Circle 3. one of 5 printed (23)

Wood cut. 1977


12 x 11 inches (approx. 27.9 x 30.5 cm)

Modern Artist

Born July 8th 1944, Worthing, Sussex

Worthing college of Art 1960-64, N.D.D 1964

Teacher training A.T.C. University of London, 1965

Art Teacher from 1965 – 1995, 1968 – 65 Cranbrook, Kent


Aged16, after getting through secondary school with Dyslexia, I talked my way into Worthing Art College. I taught ceramics for 20 years and think of myself as an artisan, but I have always been a painter.

There is the impossibility inherent in writing about painting with the problematic gap between expressing and interpreting the visual with the verbal. While painting might point to ideas, words are ideas; Naum Gabo puts this lucidly in ‘Of Divers Arts’

“I would not need to mention this seemingly obvious fact were not the public prone to disregard or forget it. More often than not they expect a painting to speak to them in terms other than the visual, preferably in words, whereas when painting or sculpture need to be supplemented and explained by words it means either that it has not fulfilled it’s function or that the public is deprived of vision”

I prefer not to give titles to my work, most are ambiguous.

Roger Blaker, August 2014

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